#Syria|Aleppo brief 2

Ongoing fights between the rebels and Assad’s militias in Karam alJazmati-alQaterji-Shaar-Qadi Asker- Rebels destroyed 2 regime tanks.

Rebels denied claims that Assad’s militias control Jurat Awad-Dahrat Awad and Karam alQaterji. They confirmed that they took over the Myasr and Tariq alBab according to SNN report.

Fights took place in Sheikh Said where Assad’s militias try to control the area.

Rebels pounded the Nubl and Zahra with tank shells and mortars which resulted in direct casualties among them injured and killed. They also pounded the Nayrab air base. They destroyed one machine gun in Jamiyat alZahra with an ATGM.

RU AF carried out air attacks on the besieged Aleppo where a mother and 3 children died in alFardous, 3 civilians killed in AlMaghayer, 1 woman killed in Hretan, and a number of civilian injured in the targeted areas.