#Syria| IDLIB brief

Lets not forget the people just a few kilometres away from the tragedy in Aleppo;

21 civilians were killed in an airstrike carried out by a Syrian regime jet fighter on a busy market place in the Maaret al Naaman area of Idlib.

a further 24 civilians were killed and over a dozen wounded in 4 consecutive airstrikes on the Kafranbel area which also belonged to targeting by Syrian war planes.

The Syrian regime and Russia are carrying out systematic attacks on civilian neighbourhoods across northern Syria, all part of a coordinated attempt to cause panic amongst Syrian communities in areas that are not under their control.

This is how it starts, then they attempt to besiege these areas begins, then they attempt to strangle them into submission, just as we are seeing now in eastern Aleppo.

All this and the world is “concerned”

Source: RamiJarrah