#Syria |Aleppo| JFS denies claims that it will exit Aleppo

News have been circulating that JFS has approved the Russian proposal to enter humanitarian aids to Aleppo and for a ceasefire, which the opposition forces are negotiating now in Turkey, in exchange of  the JFS 200 fighters to leave Aleppo.

One JFS official told Arabi 21:  the “news that keep claiming that we have agreed to that proposal  are incorrect.” He continued : “ask the opposition about that proposal, we have no information  to comment'”. He added: “it is possible to those  who speak from the outside to hand over Aleppo, but no one dare discuss that with us.”

Claims in the media have circulated that the opposition has accepted the Russian proposal, but don’t mention the negotiations have been suspended because the Russians have added one more condition that aims to a ceasefire in the western, southern and other areas.

Source Arabi 21 (arabic)