#Syria|Aleppo|Zanki spox “Options Are Studied To Begin a Military Operation For Aleppo”

Zanki disclosed to SMART News on Saturday the possibility of “the start of a military operation  in Aleppo”, confirming that “they are studiying miltary and political available options”,   without disclosing further details.

Zanki spox, Captain Abdel Salam alRazeq in his statement to SMART  ” they are acting very quickly to save Aleppo’s population,  in a time where no one can enter baby milk  inside the besieged neighborhoods.”

He confirmed that violent fights with the regime places are taking place, as the latter are trying to progress in Jamiyat alZahra in the NW of the town, amid intense artillery shelling on the confrontation points, and rebels retaliate with missile attacks on the regime positions.

Activists report that rebels have captured few points in Menyan after intense fights with the Assad’s militias  (no official confirmation though).

Zanki Media office member “Abu Nur” said earlier that the fights are ongoing at the edge of Youth housing compound (Sakan Shababi), Scientific Research (Buhuth Elmiya), Sheikh Said captured by the rebels, dismissing that the regime has progressed in Jazmati neighborhood.