#Syria|Aleppo brief 5 – Synopsis of Zanki spox interview

Assad’s militias target East of AlAnsari and alMash-had with rockets.

Report that the number of Militias killed within 24 hours has reached 90.

Rebels have killed and injured militias while trying to progress toward Karam alJabal.

Rebels recaptured several buildings in alMa’asariniya.

74 bodies have arrived to the Mocambo military hospital of Assad’s forces and militias among them one Iranian officer, killed during clashes with the rebels.
Assad’s militias target Salah Eddine neighborhood.

In an interview Zanki Spox Captain Abdel Salam al Razeq  said : zanki-spox1

Aleppo army does not receive any support from  the outside. Rebels relie on the arms they already have and their experience gained during the past years in fighting the regime. However, the merging   of the factions has created a new situation for a better logistic and coördination between the fighters.

The main option is to break the siege either from the inside or the outside. But now we look at stopping the regime attempt to enter the neighborhoods, and thus to create a space for civilians where they can feel in security, and who live in fear of the regime violations and move from one neighborhood to another . Many civilians have fled the areas controlled by the regime who arrested all men between 18 and 40 y/o and exterminated whole families, and from neighborhoods controlled by the PYD who commit same violations as the regime.

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