#Syria|Aleppo Brief 4

Report that rebels have freed the  neighborhoods of alAziza and alMysar from Assad’s militias. They destroyed 3 regime tanks in alMysar neighborhood. Reports mention important number of militias killed.

Reports that rebels freed the village of alAziza at the edge of alMarjo neighborhood and which overlooks the road between the Ramussa and Aleppo airbase. Reports mention important number of militias killed.
These are the first images of the liberation on the village. Somme pictures can be discturbing

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Please note : (There is no official confirmation from the OR)

Ahrar military spox :

#AhrarAlSham Repelling an attempt of sectarian militias to assault on Azeeza village in southern #Aleppo, killing and injuring many.
#AhrarAlSham Damaging 3 tanks and repelling sectarian militias assault on Myasser and Tareeq Albab quarters in #Aleppo city

Halesh announces to have lost contact with 2 groups of its terrorists during fights in Aleppo.