#Syria|Aleppo brief 2

The Assad’s regime has not confirmed the loss of the L39 over Aleppo but it  mourned the 2 pilotes.

Rebels foiled Assad’s militias attack in the village of Aziza and report  2 iranian officers PoW.

Rebels damaged 3 regime tanks in al alMayasar neighborhoods.

Rebels destroyed a regime militias carrier at Menyan front in Aleppo west, with an ATGM.

RU AF attacks with thermobaric missiles attack on Anadan – Maarat alArtiq-Asya – Kafr Hamra  and Yaqed Adas.

Destruction on alFardous as the result of air attacks

Air attack on alSukkari neighborhood.

Assad’s militias based in alTamura targeted Qubtan alJabal in Aleppo.