EU offers cash to Assad regime for #Syria peace deal

The EU is offering financial support for a Syria still ruled by President Assad in a last-ditch effort to retain western influence on the outcome of the war, The Times has been told.

As the battle for Aleppo reaches an endgame, EU officials are said to have accepted that previous western demands that Assad step down are unrealistic. There is a growing sense that America has been sidelined as a western negotiating partner.

Instead, the EU foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, put new proposals to opposition leaders at a meeting

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Short brief

The report mentions “there is more and more a feeling in the West that the US have been pushed aside as the Western partner in th negotiations between Syria”. Frederica Moghirini  presented new proposals to the Syrian opposition during a meeting two weeks ago with an offer of investments that could satisfy all the parties. The proposals are :

transfer of power to the Syrian provinces, which will allow the moderate forces to merge with local security forces. Maintain of the State Central power but with a more democratic organisation. The report does not mention Assad’s fate but says that those proposals are compatible with the UNSC resolutions that call for a transitional power in Syria, which means no future for Assad.