#Syria Deir Ezzor news

Muhiymeda:#ISIS whipping a man with his wife in public place, under the pretext of “legitimacy Infraction” as they said.

#DeirEzzor:Martyrdom of “Hiniya Tawfiek Uwaiyd Haj Abdullah” #ISIS mortar shelling on Jura and Muwadafeen neighborhoods.

#ISIS imposes 500 S.P amount on anyone who receives medical treatment in clinics “as a tax” where any check costs 1500 S.P.

#ISIS imposes more censorship on several internet cafes, especially female cafes, where prevented their personal mobiles.

#Muhiymeda: #ISIS #Hisba_apparatus waging an arresting campaign in the village against many men with their wives today.

Source : Eurphrates Post