YallaSouriya blog November 2016 statistics


YallaSouriya is not a commercial blog. News are not sold. It is free access. The news featured are  from the sources, i.e activists on the ground and their newspapers.The purpose of the blog is described in my profile.

Many followers have been following me since 2011 when I was posting in other forums  and others joined in 2012 and later and recently.

The number of views remain important and fluctuates with the theme. When there is a battle, the number of views surges. The number of visitors remains stable between 10 000 and 15 000/month. However, the all-time of views and visitors, when divided by the number of years (since May 2012), shows that YS has a yearly important  number of views and visitors.

I am  thankful to the followers who  post directly their views  and to al Hamra who always share comments and viewpoints by dropping me a link in the comment sections.

I do apologize when I get mixed with the news sometimes. I do my best to avoid them.

In November, I had a drop of flow due to a flu and a fatigue. I tried hard to keep going.

I never wished YS to become a unstainable giant blog. Thank you to be great and faithful followers and make YS a small successful blog 🙂