#Syria|Secret talks between the revolutionary factions and Russia sponsored by Turkey

Summary of the article

Sharq al Awsat has reported for quite few days secret talks in Turkey between the rebels and Russia with  Turkey mediation, about the situation in Aleppo, in the absence of the US and the Iranians.

Zanki official said : “there are consultations with Russia through the Turkish mediation to calm things down and let basic goods and medicines enter the besieged Aleppo.”

Muhammad alShami, commander in Ahrar alSham, said that the meeting that happened yesterday in Ankara is the second within 24 hours according to Sharq alAwsat. He stressed out that 13 representatives of the revolutionary factions participated to that meeting and Russian and Turkish representatives, except the factions vetted by the US, the regime and the Iranians. He added, the revolutionary factions agreed to the Jaish alFath leaving the town of Aleppo through the humanitarian corridors toward Idlib, in exchange for halting the bombing, and allow the humanitarian aids enter the town through the humanitarian corridors and alCastello road guaranteed by Turkey.

He also added that this agreement will be presented to Fath alSham who should give its answer on Friday to be implemented.

On the other side, and always according to the newspaper, Turkey put foreward proposals related to halt completely the bombing, including the iranian militias attacks in exchange of JFS fighters (150 to 200 fighters)  leaving the town. The town will remain under the Local Council governance and FSA protection, and the iranian and Assad’s militias will not allow enter the town and hit targets inside.

The newspaper reported that the revolutionary and Russia agreed to those proposals, but Russia said that the regime should agree to them. The report continues that Assad and Iranians rejected them and continued the attack under Russia cover up, which refers to an exchange of roles between the parties.

The FSA Legal adviser Osama Abu Zaid questioned the seriousness of the Russians to reach an agreement to end the cycle of violence in Aleppo. He told the newspaper that Russia acts contradict their statements. On one hand,  Sergei Lavrov announcement that his country supports the truce and on the other hand,  he stated his country will continue with the military operations in the East of Aleppo to cut what he called “terrorist groups”. He added that “it is unfortunate that the maximum done by our allies is to try to refer the massacre of Aleppo to the UNGA, while the regime’s ally Russia sends aircrafts and destroyers to Syria. “