#Syria|Daraa|South Front attacks Assad’s First defense lines

The South Front in Daraa town targeted the regime defense front lines in Daraa controlled by the regime.

Details about the selling :

This FSA retaltions came as a response to the regime attacks on the town  liberated areas for the 2nd consecutive day.

The most important points targeted by South  Front are : the Post office building. alMurur building. MTN company in AlHamed Mall, and other points such as alNi’ma, Urbat, Sanjar, AlHavana, Alwasim and the new Court.

The attack began with the hell canisters followed by the tank shells and DIY hell rockets, anti aircrafts and mortars. Sources from inside Daraa controlled by the regime confirmed that an important number of regime forces were injured and killed in addition to 1 T72 was destroyed.

FSA Brigade 18 in the town organized this attack with all the factions stationed at Daraa alMahatta and the refugee camp of Daraa.

Confirmation that this attack only targeted the first defense line and there  was no civilians killed and injured inside the areas controlled by the regime or liberated by FSA.

After that attack, regime shelled the liberated areas with mortars and anti aircrafts, in addition to Daraa camp with a sts missile FIL earlier.