#Syria|Aleppo brief 1

Assad’s militias who are based in Handarat village, target the town of Anadan with heavy artillery.

Ac air raid on Kafr Jum in Aleppo west rif , with thermobaric missiles. 4 children and 2 women were reported killed as the result of those air raids.

AC air raids on alMansura in Aleppo west rif.

AC air raids on Maarat alArtiq and Kafr Hamra with thermobaric missiles and cluster bombs in Aleppo west rif.

A 4 months baby died of cold in SalahEddine.

RU air raid on al Rashidin neighborhood in Aleppo west.

Air raid on al Huweyr in South rif of Aleppo, wich resulted in several material damages.