#Syria news as reported for 01/12/2016 via LCCSy

Aleppo: Ali Hamdi Hussein pass away during the clashes with Daesh. The martyr is from #Dahla village in #Deir_Ezzour

Aleppo 3 civilians were martyred and others injured due to an IED explosion at #Sahara village in the western suburbs

Aleppo 4 children of one family were martyred due to Assad’s forces shelling with heavy artillery on #Maadi neighborhood

#Aleppo several civilians were martyred and wounded due to Russian airstrikes on #Anadan city in the northern suburbs

Aleppo Assad’s forces target the neighborhoods of #Jazmati #Ansari #Mash‘had and #Salaheddin in addition to the neighborhoods in Old Aleppo

Damascus_Suburbs: Assad’s forces arrest many women and a whole family from #Harna_Sharqia neighborhood in #Tal city

Damascus_suburbs 86 buses carrying dozens of families and revolutionists leave the area towards #Idlib city

Damascus_Suburbs the revolutionists target locations of Assad’s forces at the front of Damascus-Homs International Highway using Inferno and mortar shells

Damascus_Suburbs Assad’s forces target the surroundings of #Zarikia town in the Eastern Ghouta with heavy artillery, which left several casualties among civilians

Damascus sporadic clashes between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces at the fronts of #Yarmouk_Camp neighborhood

Deir_Ezzour: Muhammad Farid Haj was shot dead by Assad’s forces during the burials of the killed ones during the clashes with Daesh. The martyr is from #Joura neighborhood

Deir_Ezzor Daesh sets more checkpoints at the roads in the governorate and its fighters demands that the civilians show their IDs and inquire about their destination and addresses the reason for going out, according to a local source

Deir_Ezzor clashes between Assad’s forces and Daesh at the fronts of #Senaa #Houweqa and #Baghilia neighborhoods and the surroundings of #Jafra town

Deir_Ezzor Warplanes target #Houweqa neighborhood and Houwejat Sakr area in the city

Idlib a land mine exploded near the Tourism Building as an unknown group dropped it in the guard’s room, which led to the death of one person