Kurdish FSA commander in Syria: „The USA are responsible for the fail of the revolution“

The FSA commander of the Kurdish Liva Ahfad Salahaddin Mahmud Khollo has talked to the analyst Ömer Özkizilcik about the background and relations of the group in Syria. The Kurdish group critizes the United States for support of the PKK-affiliated YPG/PYD in Syria, which is one of the reason, that the revolution might fail.

Dear Commander Mahmud „Abu Hamza“ Khollo please introduce yourself and your rebel group.

Liwa Ahfad Salahaddin consist of Syrian Kurds, who are loyal to the Iraqi Peshmerga. Our goals are to achieve equal rights and to make the Kurdish language official in the country. We keep good relations to the Turks. They are the ones, who are supporting the Syrians the most in their revolutionary struggle. We are a Kurdish group with good relations to the Free Syrian Army (FSA). Our group is supposedly the only bigger Kurdish brigade in the Syrian revolution.

What is your relation to other Kurdish groups, fighting in Syria, like the PKK-offshot YPG/PYD?

We are against YPG/PYD. The reason is: We reject any group, that has ties to the Syrian regime, and the YPG/PYD are agents of Bashar al-Assad. I was personally imprisoned for a year and seven month at one of al-Assads prisons. I saw his cruel tactics with my own eyes. I was imprisoned, because I am a Kurd, who supports the revolution. This prison propably belongs to the worst prisons in the world .

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