#Syri|Aleppo brief/2

Rebels have foiled Assad’s militias in Bustan alBasha ..  Assad’s militias are trying to control more neighborhoods after they controlled the NE of the besieged of Aleppo amid a continuous shelling on the town with all type of arms.

Activists report that the Assad’s militias launched an attack early morning on the rebels position in Bustan alQasr backed by an intense artillery and missile shelling followed by violent fights with Fath Aleppo forces who foiled the attack killing and injuring several of them.

This attack comes after yesterday attack on south of Aleppo where Assad’s militias could progress and declared to control the neighborhood totally. But rebels launched a counter attack last night and recaptured the points damaging one tank and grabbing another one.

On thursday, Assad’s militias continue to target the liberated neighborhoods with intense shelling and missile attacks, killing and injuring  more civilians.  They comitted a massacre with 4 children of the same family who are  محمد حبال، فاطمة حبال، سمير حبال، محمد غيث حبال in alMu’adi neighborhood, and injured others. They also targeted many of the neighborhoods inside the town in the Aleppo citadel, Masaken Hanano in order to force the civilians to leave their homes after claiming to have opened safe corridors to Aleppo west, while they are still targeting them.

In the northern rif, RU AC killed and injured a number of civilians n Anadan as the result of bombing the residential areas. Number has not yet been documented.

Rebels shelled Nubl and Zahra with Grad missiles.