#Syria|Aleppo|PKK/QASAD fabricates report of rebels attack on Sheikh Maqsud

PYD Hawar news outlets report that Syrian NC proxies attaked Sheikh Maqsud from Sakan alShababi, hinting at the opposition armed factions, and YPG foiled that attack, according to the news site.

falsenews_attacksheikhmaqsud_pkkVerify-sy cofirmed that all the areas in Sheikh Maqsud are controlled by the regime militias who are YPG allies, and Sakan alShababi is controled by the YPG affiliated to the PKK, and nearby the areas controled by the Assd’s regime forces.

The map shows  the areas between the Sheikh Maqsud and the opposition areas.

Source: https://goo.gl/ICx8E2

The false news link :

رابط الخبر الخاطئ : أضغط هنا

The correct news link

رابط الخبر الصحيح : أضغط هنا