Syria camps: despite displacement, some Syrians start small projects

(Eqtsad)- Camps populations inside of Syria depend in making income on small projects which some have started inside the camps or by working with local and international NGOs. Others live on waste collection like plastic cans and others at a time where others wait for what NGOs offer from relief baskets and financial assistance for the orphans and children of martyrs. However, the living condition of war injured is the harshest one in the camps.

Economic experts Mohamed Abu Mahmoud told Eqtsad about the economic situation for the population living in the camps including the “rich” class which work in cars’ trade and livestock, food items. Others form this class depend on ruins smuggling to increase their wealth in those camps.

The expert, who preferred not to use his real name as he works in an international organization inside o Syria, adds that the middle class in the camps starts small projects like groceries, barber shop, and other professions in addition to working in transportation and securing displaced movement between the bordering camps to their cities and villages which they fled.

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