Panel Discussion in Rural Homs Stresses FSA Reflects Aspirations of Syrian People

The FSA groups and revolution bodies operating in northern rural Homs reaffirmed the FSA as the force around which Syrians rally and one that best represents the aspirations of the Syrian people and their orientations.

In a panel discussion held under the title: The FSA’s Crucial Role in the Current Period, participants stressed that the FSA groups are the most professional and most capable of leadership of various rebel groups.

The panel discussed ways of supporting and developing the FSA’s performance in the current phase of the revolution as well as the reasons behind the receding role of the FSA groups. Participants discussed ways to overcome challenges to the unity of FSA groups and obstacles they face in their efforts to liberate Syria.

The participants included a number of FSA officers, scholars, doctors, and revolutionary figures, most notably Firas Ghali, Ahmad Mohammad, Abdel Moneim Zinedine, and Brigadier General Ahmad Rahal. They all stressed the need to unite efforts and work hard to overcome the obstacles and difficulties faced by the FSA.

The panel discussion is part of the ongoing efforts to press the FSA groups to close ranks and unify in front of challenges as well as counter the ferocious escalating attacks by the Assad regime and its allied foreign militias. These efforts are also aimed at forming a unified, disciplined military force whose main task is defending the Syrian revolution and protecting Syrian civilians. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Office)