#Syria|Aleppo|PYD falsifies reports that affiliated “units” are besieged inside the town


SDF/Jaish alThuwar issued a statement denying a  physical presence in the areas recently taken over by the PYD/Kurdish Units in Aleppo in association with the Assad’s militias. The statment added that some of its affiliated factions are besieged inside Aleppo.

Verify-Sy checked this report and contacted a FSA military source who denied Jaish alThuwar claim. He told Verify-Sy that there is no presence of factions affiliated to SDF/Jaish alThuwar inside the besieged Aleppo, confirming that the factions under different lables took over in association with the regime forces Bustan alBasha, alHulk and Baidin neighborhoods two days ago. Jaish alThuwar is part of the forces that are participating to the siege of Aleppo.

Link to the false news: https://goo.gl/3SPIOW

Source Verify-Sy : https://goo.gl/BSwX58