Emperor’s new clothes – or Putin exposed via informnapalm

A brief status analysis and morale assessment of the Russian Armed Forces by InformNapalm.

‘Our steam train is speeding forward to halt in the commune’ – from Soviet revolutionary song ‘Steam Train’ (1922)

Lately Russian media covering military topics have been swamping infosphere with cheery reports and grabby headlines about the results of military exercise Caucasus-2016, soon-to-be-formed new army and divisions aimed to reinforce south-western strategic direction, including territorial defense forces in Crimea, introduction of modified and brand-new models of tanks, and staffing of 125 battalion tactical groups with contract servicemen. At the same time, a number of Russian more or less independent media outlets published a fair amount of information pointing to serious issues in Russian defense and military industrial sectors. Russian Ministry of Finance proposed to cut military budget by 6% for the next 3 years to save 190 billion rubles. In addition to that on Sept. 5 Russia’s Prime Minister Medvedev issued new order aimed to adjust defense order appropriations for the current year. Amid these budgetary cuts government officials and army commanders often postpone deadlines of weapon delivery and deployment. Free Press and Military Review provide more details on the subject.

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