Division of Slaughter: Assad Bombs E. Aleppo, Russia Bombs Everywhere Else via al-Hamra

Military analyst Tom Cooper is following the airstrike patterns of Bashar al-Assad’s regime and Russia very closely and discovered that Russian aircraft are steering clear of east Aleppo.


Here are Cooper’s observations about the last few days of horrendous bombing in east Aleppo and elsewhere:

  • 27 November

23 sorties by helicopters (most of these from as-Safira, and nearly all targeting East Aleppo), 34 by Su-22s and 16 by Su-24s (at least half of these against East Aleppo). Russians bombed western Aleppo Governorate most of the day.

  • 28 November

Day began with Russians bombing western Aleppo (Hreitan for example), then 10 Assadist Su-22s and 8 helicopters pounded Eastern Aleppo. Additional Su-22s and Su-24 continued pounding Eastern Aleppo during the day, and helicopters from as-Safira were again very active (sometimes up to two were simultaneously bombing the city). Overall, 23 sorties by helicoters (most from as-Safira), 34 by Su-22s and 13 by Su-24s.

Russians bombed around Idlib, most of the day.

  • 29 November

Russians became very active during the previous evening, and continued bombing through the night — though mostly western Idlib. Assadists became active around 09.40 and then flew a lot against East Aleppo (10 sorties by Su-24s alone). These strikes were what caused all the carnage we’ve seen on diverse videos released today.

See the full article : https://medium.com/@_alhamra/division-of-slaughter-assad-bombs-e-aleppo-russia-bombs-everywhere-else-2a51b5405af5#.3t9mavwga