#Syria|Euphrates Shield3|98th day update

Four Daesh terrorists have been neutralized in northern Syria during the Operation Euphrates Shield, according to the Turkish military.

Turkish Armed Forces announced Monday that the Free Syrian Army (FSA) seized control of the Khaliliyah, Ajami, and Shabviran villages.

During an air operation, Turkish jets destroyed four buildings used by Daesh terrorists.

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Turkish Air Force killed 11 terrorists in airstrikes carried out on four shelters used by Daesh in Syria’s western Aleppo city on Monday, the military announced on Tuesday.

The airstrikes targeted the Baratah, Dana and Zarzur regions as part of Turkey’s Operation Euphrates Shield that began in late August to clear Syria’s northern border area of terrorists, it said in a statement.

Two Daesh vehicles were also targeted by armed drones in the region.

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