#Syria|Aleppo brief 1


No progress of Assad’s militias.

Military source : intense fight between the rebels and Assad’s militias who carried out several attempts to storm the areas controlled by the rebels in Jamiyat alZahra, and inflicted the militias of killed and injured.

Rebels destroyed a regime gunfield 23 with a TOW missile and a machinegun 14.5 with mortars in alZahra. (videos will be posted on separate posts).

Rebels targeted the Assad’s militias in Nayrab airbase (video in dfferent post).

Rebels target the Assad’s militias in Aziza front with Grad missiles.

Bunker buster attack on Jamiyat alHadi in Aleppo west.

Assad’s helicopters dropped 20 TNT barrels so far. Embedded video:

Intense fight between the rebels and Assad’s militias in Suk alJebs and alRashidin

Air attacks on alRashidin neighbohood, which resulted in material damages.

Air attacks with cluster bombs on the old alMuwasalat, Shaar, alMayar, Dahrat Awad and alQaterji

3 displaced families killed, i.e 20 persons,  in jub al Qubbe during their attempt to reach West Aleppo (video)

25 civilian killed in Bab alNayrab while attempting to cross in west Aleppo.

Aleppo w. rif

  • AC attacks on Kafr Hamra with thermobaric missiles.
  • AC attacks on Maarat alArtiq.
  • RU air attack on alMansura and regime shelling on Khan alAssal and alMasura.
  • AC attacks with bunker busters on Kafr Hamra and Anadan.