#Syria| Aleppo| Brief for 29/11/

Fath Aleppo in the town of Aleppo and JAF int the southern rif foiled Assad’s militias several attempts to progress and control strategic points.

Attacks in Aleppo

Assad’s militias tried, with the help of RU air cover, to progress toward Fath Aleppo positions in Jamiyat alZahra to the west of Aleppo, and intense fights took places with the rebels who killed and injured a number of the militias after they destroyed a their military reinforcements forcing them to withdraw back to their first positions.

Assad’s militias also attacked Fath Aleppo forces in alSha’ar where they tried to infiltrate from alSakhur roundabout to the outskirts of the neighborhood, followed by intense  Intense both sides. Fath Aleppo forces succeeded to foil that attempt, killing and injuring many of the militias.

Attacks in Aleppo south rif

Assad’s forces and the Iraqi militias alNujaba (jubana) attacked JAF locations at both the missile battalion and alQarasi, after an intense pre-emptive by air attacks and ground shelling with missiles tried to control alQarasi and the surrounding hills which would allow them to control JAF supply line inside Khan Tuman to alEis. JAF foiled that attack after a fight that lasted several hours. During that battle, JAF destroyed a regime gun field 23 and one regime pickup loaded with ammunitions with an ATGM. During that fight, Assad’s helicopters dropped TNT barrels on Khan Tuman and Qarasi and Huweir alEis. In the same time, JAF forces targeted the Assad’s militias inside the missile battalions nearby Khan Tuman with heavy artillery shells and DIY rockets inflicting direct hits on the militias.

Air attacks on the neighborhoods

There was air attacks on Tariq alBab, alHulwaniya, alShaar, alQaterji, alAnsari, Old Muwasalat, Dahrat Awad with resulted in civilians inured. A massacre was committed in Bab alNayrab as civilians have been  targeted during their attempt to cross to west Aleppo : 28 are reported killed as the first count down and dozens of injured.