What does it mean the fall of E. Aleppo…if ever ?

This is a transation attempt

If East Aleppo falls, does it mean the end of the Syrian revolution and its liquidation ? Those who believes that the revolution is linked to arm conflict, the answer will be yes. But those  who know the revoution features, they know that  shockwave and upheaval follow and bring political, cultural and social changes to all the concerned societies.

Syria Revolution began in the spring 2011 and will neither end in Aleppo nor if the armed struggle ends with a defeat to the opposition factions. Perhaps  quite even the contrary, it marks the failure of other projects that would have led to other tyranny of different nature such the sectarian, that some factions embedded within the opposition are performing and does not yet face criticism from the population because it considers them as  part of the struggle against their enemy – the regime. (…)

Back to East Aleppo, what does it mean if the town falls, if ever … it means the failure of the jihadist projects in Syria precisely.. it is a blow to anyone who has raised the banner of Jihadism, on a sectarian ground,  which is dominated purely by factionalism.  They  advocated to come to the  population rescue, ended up coercing the population most of the time on religious pretexts, fighting each other to own the truth until they were expelled either from the north or the vicinity of Damascus or elsewhere in Syria. Those factions brought dozens of  Jihadist banners and were lost in fragile doctrinal arguments to justify their divisions that cannot  be justified.

Although, they have not yet won the battle against the sole enemy, the regime and its supporters… Tyrannic features began to manifest in many aspects through their management performance in the areas under their control, prompting the question, what would they do if they win ?

Tweet alMheisni  asking Turkey to save Aleppo despite JFS, which is the main faction in Jaish Al Fatah, has issued a Fatwa forbidding the alliance with Turkey. ()

Further evidence that the jihadist project has worn-out in Syria and is unable to withstand the claimed responsibilities,  it has not yet achieved victory  against Assad and his regime allies, it also failed to  present an acceptable alternative project to the outside world and to convince Syrians living in the areas under their management that they are a suitable alternative to the Assad regime and  that their territories, the administrations and resources are not merely spoils.

East Aleppo may fall to the regime and its allies in the next weeks, and it will happen with the indirect regional intervention, Turkish or GCC, or both together, this will prove that the Jihadists and the Assad regime are just cards in foreign hands, no more. If there is a weak chance that East Aleppo will not fall because of  the jihadist fighters steadfastness that will prove they can bear responsibilities according to the picture they promote, this will require one condition that is absent so far, to unite all the factions from north to south of Syria in a single operation room and open dozens of fronts against the regime and against its safe strongholds, that would change today  the  worn-out volatile equation in the opposition camp.

If  ever… it is the last  very weak “if ever”, the fate of the Jihadist projects and their experimentation in Syria  will end in a rapid and dramatic defeat. As for the revolution, and back to it, the one that was launched in the spring of 2011, with political demands primarily, no religious ones, there is nothing to fear  for simply because the jihadist project has worn-out in Syria, the Assad regime is worn-out too, and as soon as the international and regional players decide to terminate the conflict in Syria, Assad’s heads will be at the top of the concclusion. Then, a new process of reconstructing a new country in Syria … will lead at the end, no matter how long it will take, to form a democratic government, dominated by the ballot and a system that trancends human dignity.

Source in arabic : http://www.raqqapost.com/2016/11/28/19537

P.S. Hum.. what about Iran ? This will require too a change of regime there too … The MB?