UK MPs and religious leaders call for aid drops in Aleppo

Politicians and religious leaders in the UK have issued urgent pleas for aid drops into besieged east Aleppo as the Syrian rebel enclave faced its most catastrophic defeat yet.

A group of 120 MPs and 13 Jewish, Christian and Muslim organisations put out statements on Monday in which they warned that east Aleppo faced distaster without urgent deliveries of food and medicine.

“In eastern Aleppo, an estimated 250,000 people, including 100,000 children, have been cut off from food and medical supplies since August 2016,” read the statement released by interfaith leaders. “The UN warns that there will soon be no food left in the besieged part of the city.”

“We call on the UK government to take action at an international level, including in the UN General Assembly, and to provide practical support to facilitate the delivery of aid to civilians in the city.”

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