The establishment of Jabhat Al-Nusra and the events of Al Sham from the beginning of the disagreement to the announcement of Dawlah.

By the Mujahid Sheikh AbdulRaheem Atoun “Abu Abdullah Al Shami”

The General Judge of Jabhat Fath Al Sham.

[Extracted from the book | Under the shades of the tree of jihad | page 177-194]

The Revolution in Syria (2011):

Allah has blessed this ummah with the spark of revolutions which progressed from Tunisia to Egypt.

It was the last days in the age of Sheikh Osama rahimahullah, where he described this major event with his eloquent words.

He explained: “For so long the Ummah has directed its face, waiting for the tidings of victory which loomed from the east, but the sun of revolution rose from the west. It sparked the revolution in Tunisia, putting the Ummah at rest and shone the faces of the populations, leaving the throats of the rulers sored and the Jews terrified to the closeness of the promise.

By overthrowing the oppressive ruler, the concepts of humiliation, submission, fear and hesitation have been perished, and the concepts of freedom, honor, courage and action have rose. The signs of change were made apparent with the strong will for freedom when Tunisia became the forerun, from which the knights of Egypt embraced the flames from the liberated Tunisians all the way to Tahrir Square as fast as the speed of lightning, and hence sparking a great revolution. And what revolution was sparked? A revolution for the entirety of Egypt.. For the Ummah.. If they hold onto the rope of their lord”

As the revolution progressed through Libya to Yemen reaching subsequently to Sham .. not in the slightest forgetting Iraq consequently.. It was made paramount that the Syrian revolution had features which distinguished it from the rest of the revolutions, this being a clear matter known by the observers and the masses in general..

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