#Syria|From Tent to House: Project to Build Housing Units in Deraa via Enab baladi

ome of the camps in southern Syria are three or four years old, and with the continuation of the revolution and the continued escalation by regime forces, the number of camps and camp residents are on the rise. In the absence of any solutions for rebuilding, it has become vital to search for radical projects to alleviate the reoccurring winter suffering. Baladha construction project is one of these solutions, rising to prominence with its aim of building 80 residential units for 500 residents of the camps and fields.

The efforts by humanitarian and aid organizations to prepare for the winter season in southern Syria hastily continue as these organizations work to alleviate the suffering of camp residents by providing aid and rehabilitating camps and roads leading to the camps. However, these efforts continuously clash with the realities on the ground in terms of camp conditions and the high number of camp residents, which call for radical alternatives and permanent solutions.

The project overseen by the Ahl al-Hawran Association in coordination with Eid charity organization is considered the first solution to the tragedy of the camps in southern Syria.

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