#Syria|Deir Ezzor news: Yesterday 2 massacres by RU AF

#DeirEzzor:Blackouts in the whole city since yesterday concurrently with clashes in the neighborhoods of Sina’a and Rasafa.

#DeirEzzor:Two of #ISIS fighters had been killed, this morning and those fighters from Saudi nationality.

#DeirEzzor:The number of martyrs rises to six martyrs after the #Regime air raid massacre on Al Hamiedya neighborhood.

#ISIS Imposes the internet cafes owners mounting an outside camera to cover shop’s surroundings and fining who violates.

Source : Euphrates Post


2 massacres by the Russia AC  in the town of Deir Ezzor neighborhoods yesterday, which resulted in 23 civilians killed.

Source : Euphrates Post

The water crossing wa target and resulted in 5 civilians killed and severa injured.

18 civilians were reported killed in the air attack on alHamidiya neighborhood :
١- ماهر الزهير
٢- طارق الزهير
٣- مصطفى حاج عمر
٤- محمود الجديع
٥- صلاح محمد الموسى
٦- مالك الحسين
٧- ابو زهرة (من عائلة الكجيجة)
٨- الطفل ماجد سعد الدين
٩- فهد الحسين
١٠- محمد ديواني
١١- ساهر البسة
12_محمد الغفرة
13-محمد تاج
14_طارق نويصر

15_16_17_18 مجهولين الهوية