#Syria|Aleppo| The battle is just beginning says Zanki spox

Zanki spox, Captain Abdel Salem,  tweeted earlier these few lines summerizing the rebels’ position.

The criminal regime is consuming all its forces.

Now it is drumming an imaginery victory and half of Syria is outside its control.

The battle is still in the beginning.

This battle is  for a credo, for dignity, for endurance and not for neighborhoods.


And reported from Nors Studies :

It is true that the remaining space in  rebels’ control in Aleppo is 32 km² and a 27 km front line length … but: the remaining southern neighorhoods in the city are strong and fortified, and the Iranian militias cannot even storm, if ever they try…the northern sides will not fall to the powerful attack of the Iranian militias.

This battle is not over yet… there is still great opportunities for the rebels to keep the southern neighborhoods and even recapture the northern neighborhoods and even break the siege and grind the militias in Aleppo. These words are not inspired but from a military perspective.