Martyrs Reported in Airstrikes on #Aleppo and Homs, and Cases of Suffocation in Qadi Askar Neighborhood


Field Report – LCC

The Russian warplanes carried on today, Monday, an assault on Shaar neighborhood killing 10 and injuring dozens while Assad’s helicopters dropped barrel bombs loaded with chlorine gas on Qadi Askar causing suffocation cases. Six civilians were martyred in concentrated shelling by Assad’s forces on Holeh district in the northern suburbs of Homs.

LCC correspondent reported the death of 10 civilians and the injury of others due to Russian airstrikes on Shaar neighborhood while Assad’s helicopters dropped chlorine-loaded bombs on Qadi Askar neighborhood in the besieged city, which caused many people to suffocate. He pointed out that intensified artillery shelling targeted the neighborhoods of Tareeq Bab, Shaar, Mouasalat, Karm Jabal, Mayser and Qaterji.
Warplanes launched airstrikes on the villages of Hes and Banan Hes as well as Kafrkar in the southern area, he added.
Similar airstrikes were reported in Kafrnaha town in the western suburbs. Meanwhile, Assad’s warplanes targeted Haritan city and Tal Masibin village in the northern suburbs with thermobaric missiles.

6 civilians were martyred in intensified shelling by Assad’s forces on Samaalil village in Holeh district in the northern suburbs. More 4 were martyred and dozens injured due to Assad’s forces shelling with rocket launchers and incendiary napalm bombs on Ghanto town. Furthermore, the besieged neighborhood of Waer was targeted with tank shells.
Assad’s warplanes launched airstrikes with thermobaric missiles on Teir Maala town in the northern suburbs, which led to the injury of several civilians

Russian warplanes launched airstrikes with bunker-busting and thermobaric missiles on Tamanaa town and Skeik village in the southern suburbs and with cluster bombs on the surroundings of Kelli town in the northern suburbs.
On the other hand, Assad’s warplanes targeted Orm Joz town and the surroundings of Ghassania and Alia villages in the western suburbs of Jesr Shoghour in the western part of Idlib.
In the same context, Assad’s helicopters dropped barrel bombs on the surroundings of Sheghr village and pamphlets on the areas on the borders with Turkey

Damascus Suburbs
Civilians were seriously injured due to 6 airstrikes launched by Russian warplanes that used cluster bombs on the vicinities of Douma city near Shifounia in the Eastern Ghouta. The neighborhoods in the city were similarly shelled, which left casualties among civilians
Fierce clashes broke out between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces at the fronts of Medaani town when the latter tried to storm it

Fierce clashes between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces took place at several axes in Jobar neighborhood


Russian warplanes launched airstrikes on the axes of Kabana and its surroundings in Kurds Mountain while Assad’s helicopters dropped barrel bombs on the area. Meanwhile, Assad’s ground forces, located at Zahiya Mountain, targeted the villages of Sallour and Yamidia at the Turkish borders in Turkmen Mountain using mortar and artillery shells

Assad’s warplanes attacked Morek city and the villages of Atshan and Lahaya in the northern suburbs while Assad’s helicopters dropped barrel bombs on Tibat Imam city

Deir Ezzor
A woman was martyred and several others civilians were injured due to mortar shelling by Daesh on Assad-forces-run areas in the city