ICYMI – FDD memo shows Iran Air, Mahan Air are still ferrying militants & weapons to support #Syria’s Bashar Assad

Should Boeing and Airbus sell planes to Iran Air?
Iran Air and Mahan Air still ferrying militants and weapons to support Syria’s Bashar Assad
At least 242 flights from Iran to Syria since the JCPOA commenced
November 23, 2016

Earlier this year, Boeing and Iran Air announced a deal for the sale of 100 Boeing planes to the Iranian airline.
In addition, Airbus had inked a deal for an additional 118 planes. On November 22, Airbus reported that it had
received U.S. government backing for the export of these planes. The export license was granted by the U.S. Office
of Foreign Assets Control, and allows Airbus to deliver more than $20 billion worth of jets to Iran Air. This follows
initial licenses in September by the U.S. government to Boeing and Airbus to deliver jetliners to Iran Air.
Iran Air was designated by the U.S. Treasury Department on June 23, 2011 for “providing material support and
services to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics
(MODAFL).” MODAFL is designated under Executive Order 13382 for its proliferation activities.” Treasury stated
that “commercial Iran Air flights have been used to transport missile or rocket components to Syria.”

See: http://www.defenddemocracy.org/content/uploads/documents/Boeing_Airbus_Memorandum.pdf