#Syria|Important defection within Ahrar alSham

This is a report by Etehad Press in arabic.

In a statement,  members of Ahrar alSham in East Aleppo have announced their decision to  separate from the movement. They are :

  • Abu Jaber alSheikh.
  • Abu Saleh Tahan.
  • Abu Muhammad alSadeq.
  • Dr Abu Abdallah.
  • Abu Ali alSheikh.
  • Abu Ayub alMuhajer.
  • Abu Kharima.
  • Abu Abdallh alKurdi.

This defection happens after disagreements between the Central Command and the Commander of Aleppo “Abu Jaber alSheikh”, and between Ahrar General Leader Abu Yahya alMasri after the recent events that Aleppo has been witnessing, mostly after Abu Yahya alMasri and his group have handed over large part of Aleppo to the regime, though the other members have refused that initiative.

The same division happened inside the Ahrar Shura Council concerning the line of conduct with Jaish alFath/former Nusra. Abu Saleh Tahan and Abu Muhammad alSadeq have agreed to a collaboration. Abu Yahya alMasri  has rejected it.

Source: Etehad Press in arabic.

There is no confirmation from Ahrar about that issue and I have not seen any statement.   The statement has  not been published by the media, Abu Jaber alSheikh’s twitter account has been suspended until recently by twitter. Some comments in his last tweet seems to confirm the above news. I doubt very much the story of handling over large area to the regime. This is not Ahrar’s behaviour. Let’s wait !