#Syria|Euphrates Shield 3|96th day update

In a statement Sunday, the Turkish General Staff said Syrian opposition fighters had been exposed to chemical gas during a Daesh missile attack. The General Staff said 22 fighters — who combat Daesh in alliance with Turkish forces within the scope of Operation Euphrates Shield — were observed showing symptoms of chemical gas exposure in northern Syria’s Khalidiyah region.

The Turkish military also said a clash with Daesh terrorists had left one opposition fighter dead and 14 others injured.

Meanwhile, Turkish warplanes destroyed four Daesh targets in the Anifah neighborhood near al-Bab, also in Syria’s north.

Source: http://aa.com.tr/en/middle-east/turkey-says-syrian-fighters-exposed-to-chemical-gas/693982

 FSA has freed the Khaliliya and Zarzu from Daesh and Sab Wayran from PKK/QASAD. (confirmed by OR).

Ongoing clashes in Qabbasin between FSA and Daesh.


TAF air attacks on Qabasin and Bzaa.

Below map shows that the PKK/QASAD is attempting to expand southward after failing to make a breakthrough toward al Bab from the north and the north west. PKK is attempting to find a gap that will allow it to bypass the FSA to the west. Daesh has pulled out from some villages and PKK/QASAB is attempting to taken them over. But as the map shows the FSA is following closely its steps.