#Syria|Aleppo|Assad’s militias claims denied – No progress in Masaken Hanano and no take over of alSakhur

A military source told SNN that a fierce fight took place in Masaken Hanano yesterday between the rebels and the Assad’s militias. The Assad’s militias losses are over 67 killed during 2 days of violent fights on several axis in the area. Liwa alQuds “Muhammad Rafe'” was killed in addition to other commanders during the attacks on the neighborhood.

The sources added that the intensity of the air attacks and shelling with all kind of arms on the Masaken, and the large-scale of the scorched earth policy, in addition to the use of forbidden CW during the pre-emptive shelling, forced the rebels to withdraw from their positions, after fierce fights.

He denied Assad’s claims to progress in Masaken Hanano and take over of  the Sakhur and other areas. He pointed out that rebels are extremely ready to foil any progress if  Assad’s militias try to attack all the axis in the town, and no one can break  a 1/4 millions person will to resist. He also added that the regime claims are aimed to lower the rebels moral.

Source : SNN arabic