Most news coming out of…

Most news coming out of Aleppo at the moment appears to be unconfirmed; and such news that there is is simply repeated widely, in both English and Arabic. However, the is no doubt that there is considerable régime activity, judging by the noise in the background of this video, uploaded around 9amGMT today: OGN. Further, the reporter has failed to make his live Facebook connection scheduled for 7pmGMT – it is now nearly 10.30pmGMT. However, the tweeter Bana Alabed posted a picture of herself in apparently dusty conditions at 8.15pmGMT which indicates the internet was at any rate then still functioning: Dust. This report, here, freshly found by Google’s crawlers and dated Monday refers to FSA/Euphrates Shield activities “east of Aleppo”, though I cannot decipher the names of the several villages. The only news about Erdogan appears to be that he jumped on a fishing boat in Istanbul today and addressed other fishing boats through a loudhailer.

When any military makes any sort of overt assault, this – and this was true even before the age of instant communications – is invariably accompanied by intense propaganda pronouncing victorious progress. However, as of the last hour, nothing fresh has emerged from the Syrian government side, the time now in Syria not long after midnight.

It is a case of waiting for the dust to settle.