#Syria|Euphrates Shield 3| 95th day update

The Turkish Armed Forces hit 12 Daesh targets in northern Syria on Friday, according to an army statement released Saturday. Saturday marks the 95th day of the operation.

Free Syrian Army (FSA) special task force soldiers, backed by Turkey, continued land-based attacks to control areas east and west of the city of Al-Bab.

FSA troops gained control of Anifah neighborhood near Al-Bab, the statement read.

Bzaa population and FSA creates  a MC to liberate the village of  Bzaa.


According to TR Armed forces statement, FSA has freed Anifah.
Regime and PKK/QASAD have launched jointly the battle of alBab and have warnied TR and FSA not to progress.
Report that FSA freed Um Adassa from Daesh. (confirmed by OR) to the NE of alBab


There has been claims by some reporter that TR has targeted FSA and TR soldiers by mistake. Those claims have been denied along with others by military sources :

  • Striked Oppo near Bab
  • Withdrew 2 Akhtarin
  • Negot. with RU 4 Qabasin+Bab

Other reports of TAF :

Airforce roaming the skies of North Aleppo non-stop since yesterday night with Tanker aircraft around 2 fuel.

2 confimations by LCCs that Um Shkayf was fred by FSA from Daesh. However, no OR official confirmation.

TAF deploys Atilgan with stingers deployed at Ganziantep