#Syria|Aleppo news brief

RUand Regime AC on Aleppo neighborhoods along with intense artilery and missile shellings which resulted in 3 masscres :

  •  alSakhur where 12 civilians are reported killed;
  •  Karam alTahan where 7 civilians are reported killed ;
  •  alQaterji where 7 civilians are reported killed.

In addition:

  • 4 civilians are reported killed in Masaken Hanano;
  • 4 civilians in alMarjo;
  • 2 civilians are reported killed in Bab alNayrab,
  • along with a number of civilians reported injured.

Assad’s militias took over the Masaken Hanano and a large part of Hanano neighborhood after his militias have  incurred important losses and injured . Following that, dozens of families fled to safer areas.

Other fight also happened in “Al Hashkal” in Salah Eddine which has been foiled by the rebels after inflicting the regime militias losses in equipments and lives. Rebels also pounded the Assad Academy and Dahiyat alAssad with missiles.

In the Aleppo countryside, air raids continue to target towns and villages, mostly the Northern and Western Rif, which resulted in:

  • 4 civilians reported killed in Kafr Bissin;
  • 2 in alMansura;
  • 2 in Kafr Hamra;
  • 1 in Darat Ezzatand;
  • 1 in Maarat Artiq;
  • 1 in Bayanun.

Rebels destroyed a Halesh missile launcher on al Zahra frontline with tank shells.

For Euphrates Shield battle, please refer to the post update.

N.B. Massaken Hanano has been emptied after 2 years of intense TNT barrels attacks. Those who has resisted the militias are from the neighborhoods. Regime claims that JAF fought the militias are denied (ar) .https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=886752294761367