#Syria|Aleppo news brief

RU and Regime AC and helicopters carried out air raids on the confrontation areas and all Aleppo neighborhoods in the besieged town, amid intense artillery shelling and missile attacks. Those attacks resulted in 5 civilians reported killed in alSakhur, and alMash’had and Karam Humad.

In the military context, rebels recaptured all the points that the Assad’s militias have recaptured at Masaken Hanano yesterday. Fierce fights have been taking place in Shaikh Said where the Assad’s militias failed to progress.

In the countryside, air attacks were carried out on towns and villages, and resulted in 12 civilians killed and a number were reported injured.  A factory was burned in alMansoura and 9 workers were reported killed and others injured and burnt.

To the south of Aleppo, Rebels destroyed a regime tank on Syriatel hilltop in Aziza with an ATGM, killed and injured a number of Assad’s militias.

The number reported of Assad’s militias losses (not confirmed) is 23 in Masaken Hanano. The number of losses in Aziza is se to be high  as well.

As for Euphrates Shield, please report to the blog post update.