Dozens of Martyrs and Wounded in Airstrikes on Aleppo and Idlib

Field Report – LCC
Russian and Assad’s warplanes committed several massacre today and claimed the lives of dozens of martyrs and wounded as they carried on widespread assaults on the sieged neighborhoods of Aleppo and Idlib countryside. FSA captured a village northeast of Bab city in the eastern countryside of Aleppo. However, Assad’s forces suffered massive losses at the hands of the revolutionists in Qunaitra as a part of a battle launched today under the title of “Jamraa Janoub”.

LCC correspondent said that warplanes committed a massacre and claimed the lives of 7 civilians as they carried out several thermobaric missile attacks on Karam Tahhan neighborhood. 7 other civilians passed away and others wounded as Assad’s helicopters dropped a barrel bomb on Sakhour neighborhood. Moreover, 4 martyrs and dozens of wounded were reported in a similar attack on Masaken Hanano neighborhood.
He added that widespread assaults targeted Qatirji neighborhood, leaving a woman dead and other wounded. The attacks targeted as well Mansoura town in the western countryside and Bianon town in the northern countryside, leaving 3 martyrs and some wounded. He pointed out that Assad’s forces targeted with heavy artillery the neighborhoods of Marja and Bab Neirab in the sieged city, leaving martyrs and wounded among civilians.
On the other hand, as Operation Euphrates Shield continues, FSA captured Om Adasa village, northeast of Bab city after fierce clashes with Daesh.
Whereas, fierce clashes broke out between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces, supported by loyal militant groups, in the dawn in Masakin Hanano neighborhood, amid fierce shelling with artillery and missiles.

5 martyrs and some wounded were reported as Assad’s warplanes carried out thermobaric missile attack on Jbala village in the southern countryside. 4 displaced people from Hama countryside and some wounded due to similar attacks on the eastern neighborhoods of Khan Sheikhoun city in the southern countryside.
Other wounded among civilians were reported as Assad’s warplanes carried out several thermobaric missile attacks on two schools in the villages of Maarzita and Kafarain in the southern countryside. The attacks targeted as well the towns of Kafaraweid and Tamanaa, in addition to Skeik village, in the southern countryside.

Clashes between members among Assad’s Security Apparatus and some annonymous in Qneinis neighborhood inside the city after storming a house in the neighborhood.
Assad’s forces targeted Sillour and Yamidia in Turkmen Mountain with missile launchers and artillery shells. The shelling targeted also Kurd Mountain, the thing that set massive fires in the farmlands and mountains.

Damascus Suburbs:
Fierce clashes broke out between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces in the axes of Meidaani and Autaya in Eastern Ghouta. Meantime, Russia’s warplanes carried out three thermobaric missile attacks on the region.

The revolutionists destroyed a 23 mm cannon for Assad’s forces inside Baas Brigade and a vehicle carrying members among Assad’s forces as a part of “Jamraa Janoub”.

Assad’s warplanes launched several airstrikes with heavy machineguns on Latamnah and Kafarzita in the northern countryside.

Warplanes bombarded the neighborhoods of Daraa Balad Camp in the city.


Source : LCCSy