#Syria|Euphrates Shield 3| update

Turkish forces hit 7 Daesh targets  in the Barakah, Anifah and Abu Hayj regions of northern Syria, the military announced on Friday. Thursday’s attacks included two headquarters, three defense positions, an armed vehicle and an arsenal. In separate strikes, targets hit included 94 Daesh objectives, including shelters, command-and-control centers and vehicles.

Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) soldiers continued air and land-based attacks to gain control of Al-Bab city.

One Turkish soldier and four FSA fighters had been martyred. Five members of the Turkish Armed Forces and 25 FSA fighters were also injured during clashes.

Source: Anadolu news english

FSA  freed two strategic villages  from Daesh: alAjami and Duwairiالعجمي ودويري, cutting the highway between both towns of  Manbij and alBab. They took 5 Daesh PoWs and 1 ammunition carrier.


es_liveupmap_26_11By Qasioun News – just to locate the area. Final map from FSA platform will be posted later when available.


Some writes Duweira الدويرة aready freed on 23/11 along with other villages Burat and Jub alBarazi


The map dated 23 shows the locations.


However, I am asking for more clarifications

3 regime air strikes on ES forces on AlAzraq area.

TAF destroyed a PKK/QASAD operation room nearby AlArima, kiling 7 of them and injuring others.

According to @meteyarar a part of the American troops and others have retreated from Manbij to the east of Euphrates. He also says that almost 2/3 of the population of Jarablus is back in the city. via Wyvern4_

Figths between FSA and PKK/QASAD at Sheikh Nasser-Qurat and Yazan (news).
TAF has stopped Assad’s AC to carry out airstrikes on ES forces nearby alBab.
TR artillery pounded PKK/QASAD in Yalinda and Qarat.
FSA attempted to storm Qabasin but did not succeed. The village is encircled from 3 sides and only one exit is left to Daesh to leave, that is the road Safiliniya -Bzaat.
After FSA freed al Ajmi and blocked the highway Manbij – alBab, it is attempting to storm the village of alKhaliliya.