#Syria|#PYD_Violations|Kurdish reporter Serdar Dari escaped from his jailers, and tells more about his detention conditions

The journalist Serdar Dari who was abducted tells more about his abduction and torture.

Serdar Dari: “At 5.00 o’clock a car, type black jeep,  stopped in front of my office. One of occupants came to me and granted me. The second blindfolded me and took me to the outside of the town, almost 20 km far to the south. Then he beat me violently. I was beaten with a Kalashnikov butt. Then I was stabbed in my back with a sharp object, I believe it was a knife. I was able to flee following a disagreement between my abductors, and I believe they were 5 people. I was able to untie myself and flee quite far and then hide between large rocks in the area where they have kept me.”

“After, I found a man who lives in a neighboring village to help me. He informed my parents who came the next day in the morning to pick me up and take me to alHekma hospital. He concluded by saying that he had an internal bleeding for more than 6 hours, and I don’t know how I escaped and am still alive.”

Serdar Dari who is Radio “Walet FM” reporter  was abducted by an armed group reportedly the military intelligence affiliated to the PYD in alHassakeh town yesterday evening  from his office in alMufti neighborhood, and was taken blindfolded to an unknown place and for unknown reasons.