#Syria|Aleppo brief

Rebels damaged a regime tank during an attempt to progress toward the old front of Sheikh Najar amid fierce fights in the area. Rebels pounded the Assad’s forces on Shiekh Yussuf hilltop with artillery shells.

In another context, RU AC and regime helicopters carried out air raids on Aleppo East neighborhoods with all kind of arms, which resulted in two massacres.

  • The first massacre took place in alMayasar neighborhood and 14 civilians were killed.
  • The second massacre happenned in Bab Nayrab, and 9 civilians were killed.
  • 3 more civilians were killed in Tariq alBab.
  • 3 civilians in Karam alBeik.
  • 1 civiian killed in each of Jazmati – alMuwasalat and Sha’ar.
  • A number of civilians were injureed among them children.

Assad’s militias targeted the Qaterji and alMash-had neighborhoods with sts, killing 17 civilian.

In Aleppo rif, air attacks were carried out and resulted in many injured  among civilians and some are in  very critical conditions.

Videos :

Rescuing civilians under the rubbles in Kafr Naha

TNT barrel and thermobaric missiles attacks in Maarat Artiq