Martyrs and Wounded Reported in Aleppo and Damascus Suburbs Due to Airstrikes by the Syrian and Russian Warplanes


Field Report – LCC

Assad’s and Russian warplanes launched today, Thursday, several airstrikes on various areas in Syria killing and injuring dozens of civilians

LCC correspondent reported that Assad’s helicopters dropped barrel bombs on Bab Nairab neighborhood east of the city, which led to the death of a woman and a young man and the injury of others. Civilan casualties were also reported due to Assad’s helicopters shelling with barrel bombs on Shaar neighborhood in addition to Tareeq Bab and Dahrat Awwad east of the city.
More two civilians were martyred and others wounded due to the fall of a surface-to-surface missile launched by Assad’s forces on Mayser neighborhood. Another civilian fell martyr in Jazmati neighborhood in the city due to similar shelling.
He added that Assad’s warplanes targeted Tareeq Bab neighborhood with thermobaric missiles killing 2 civilians and injuring others. A woman was martyred and other people injured in Shanhasa village near the city of Deir Hafer in the eastern suburbs due to similar airstrikes.
More airstrikes were launched on the towns of Atarib, Kafr Naha and Kafr Hamra in the western suburbs and the neighborhoods of Shaar and Mouasalat in the besieged city.

Assad’s warplanes launched airstrikes with thermobaric missiles on a school in Maarshamarin village east of Maarat Noaman city in the southern suburbs.
Similarly, the cities of Khan Sheikhoun and Marrat Noaman, the villages of Deir Sharqi, Talaas, Maarat Harma, Hubeit and Abidin in the southern suburbs and Binnish city east of the governorate’s center were under similar attacks. Meanwhile, Assad’s helicopters dropped barrel bombs on Tamanaa town, which was already been targeted with several airstrikes of Assad’s warplanes.

Fierce clashes broke out between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces, supported by Pro-Assad militias, at several axes in the Kurds and Turkmen Mountains when the latter tried to advance amid artillery and rocket shelling and while Russian warplanes were flying over the area.
The revolutionists also targeted locations of Assad’s forces at Shalf Castle in Kurds Mountain using a 128mm missile and achieving direct hits

Damascus Suburbs
Russian warplanes launched airstrikes with thermobaric missiles on the neighborhoods in Douma city in the Eastern Ghouta, which killed a civilian and injured others. Moreover, many houses were set on fire.
Russian airstrikes were also launched on Hammouria and Harasta in the Eastern Ghouta, which left several casualties among civilians. Similar airstrikes were reported in Jisrin town, which caused material damages. On the other hand, the farms and surroundings of Beit Nayem town in the Eastern Ghouta were targeted with heavy artillery.
Civilan casualties were reported due to shelling by the militias of “Qalamon Armor”, affiliated with Assad’s forces, with heavy artillery on the neighborhoods and farms in al-Tal city. Furthermore, Assad’s snipers at the surroundings of Kfeir Zeit village in Wadi Barada area targeted the neighborhoods in the v and kill several civilians

Assad’s forces targeted the neighborhoods in Jobar east of the city with artillery shells

Assad’s warplanes launch several airstrikes with thermobaric missiles on Talbeesa city in the northern suburbs and no casualties were reported