Today’s remarks by Jean-Marc Ayrault,…

Today’s remarks by Jean-Marc Ayrault, French foreign minister, to “France Culture”, although there is no trace of it on their site:

“Some, facing the martyrdom of Aleppo and Syrian civilians, are tempted to look away, to talk about something else. France is not indifferent, it is engaged. France therefore has taken an initiative to unite quickly the group of countries friendly to Syria in the face of this strategy of total war in which the régime and its allies have taken advantage of the uncertainty of the [current] period in the United States .

“In the coming days, in Paris and the Security Council, we will… continue our fight for a resolution condemning, with sanctions, the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian régime. This is a battle for France. That is the priority. In any case, it is mine.”

Source (item no. 5, in bold).