#Syria|PKK/QASAD distords the truth about the “Kimlik”or refugee card granted to Syrians in Turkey

Hawar News, The PKK/PYD media,  published a report that Turkey grants the Euphrates Shield fighters special protection cards in Turkey, and those cards were found on  a number of fighters killed during the fights.



The News outlet also mentioned that Turkey grants the ES fighters those cards to  facilitate their move in Turkey and not be arrested by the security services.

The link to the false news : https://goo.gl/Am3EGK

Verify-Sy checked that report and found out that this ID card is delivered to any Syrian who live in Turkey even if he has no passport or no personal ID. It does  give him  no  protection or no immunity.

This card is known as  “GEÇIÇI KORUMA KIMLIK BELGESI” and is granted to Syrians who  live in Turkey, and give them access to medical care and the education system. It helps identify  the Syrians living on the Turkish territory regardless of their religion and their ethnic community.

The other card “Afad” “AKÇAKALE KAYMAKAMLIGI SuLEYMANŞAH KONAKLAMA TESISI TANITM KARTI” does give access to the same services as the Kimlik, it authorizes to live in Turkey for humanitarian reason, and is temporary and is used as an identification card. However, this card has existed only since 2014 after the Kimilik card, and any syrian can obtain it regardless of his/her religion or ethnic community.

The source : https://goo.gl/yD4NVe

HDP foreign Affairs have also used that information to convain the Hawar information.  About the pictures on the right handside, I have tweeted  a correction – to unfold the tweet: