#Syria|Latakia news brief

8 o the regime militias were killed after a landmine exploded at Ain Issa in Turkman Mountain where fights are taking place between the rebels and the militias, along with air raids on alKabane and al Kande in Jabal alAkrad with TNT barrels.

In another context, fights took place between the rebels and the militias at alTufahiya and Jabal alKhudr in Jabal Akrad, during an attempt by the firsts to progress backed by a heavy artillery shelling from the regime barriers.

Rebels recaptured all the positions they lost in Jabal Turkmen after fierce clashes. They took over alMagharba hilltop. Ard alZytun and the outskirts of Ain Issa after fierce fights with the militias. They used heavy artillery to force the militias to withdraw after they  launched a battle to recapture the points under rebels control.

Reports mention no less of 45 of the militias were killed during that attack. (no confirmation).

During the past 48 hours, the regime arrested no less than 300 young men to send them to the front.