#Syria|Euphrates Shield 3|93th day update

The Turkish Armed Forces hit nine Daesh targets including four shelters and two command-and-control centers in northern Syria on Tuesday, according to an army statement released Wednesday.

Free Syrian Army (FSA) special task force soldiers, backed by Turkey, continued land-based attacks to control areas east and west of the city of Al-Bab.

The moves are part of Operation Euphrates Shield, which began in late August to rid Syria’s northern border area of terrorists. Tuesday marks the 92st day of the operation.

Anadolu news english

FSA foiled a Daesh attack on Kfeira and destroyed a car bomb.


FSA freed 5 villages :

  1. Burshaya, Jub alDam (Qanaqawi) to the north of Qabasin from PKK/QASAD,
  2. Jub alBarazi, Duweira and Burat to the north of alBab from Daesh


TAF F-16 targeted PKK/QASAD in the villages of alWalashi and alBughaz

Reports of other villages freed from PYD and Daesh confirmed by media activists, bu not yet confirmed by Hawar Killis OR.

Reports by the PKK/QASAD of destroying TR tanks are featured with Daesh attack pictures. Date at the bottom right of the picture does not correspond to today. Date is in Hejir year.


To locate the villages :


Shelling of alBab along with fights taking place nearby the town between FSA and Daesh

PKK/QASAD repelled at Nayrabiya by Daesh, https://s04.justpaste.it/pdf/10pjz-justpaste-it-991334.pdf