#Syria|Assad Just Gassed an Entire Family to Death

During a week that had already seen their last functioning hospital bombed out of action by an incessant hailstorm of airstrikes, barrel bombs, parachute bombs, and rockets; claiming at least 200 lives and counting; it might have been difficult for the 250,000 inhabitants of Aleppo’s besieged opposition-held eastern sector to imagine how life could get any more distressing.

Yet in the small hours of Sunday morning, residents of the Al-Sakhour neighborhood near the de facto east-west partition line found out. Waking around 1 a.m. to the sound of what they thought was a routine explosion, they walked out of their houses to discover they were in fact the targets of a chemical weapons attack.

“We went outside and started to choke on chlorine fumes,” a young man recounted to the Aleppo Media Center (AMC) news network in front of an utterly devastated building. “We thought it was a barrel bomb, but it turned out to be chlorine gas. My mother choked, and my brother’s son started to foam at the mouth.”

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